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Brands have existed forever. When a Renaissance nobleman chose a DaVinci painting sight unseen, some subtle branding was happening. Brands came into their own in consumer marketing as we learned that it wasn’t just Kleenex, but Kleenex brand facial tissue.

Today, branding has become a household word largely because of the social media. If your brand doesn’t exist in your potential customers’ minds, chances are they won’t take the time to find you in the electronic maze, or won’t remember you once they have found you. Brains only hold so much content. Your brand wants to be in there. Branding can’t be done for you. Branding is an all-pervasive attitude, a promise and a commitment which comes from your company, your products and all your people. Having a catchy name, ads all over the media and a sizzling Web site are terrific, but alone they won’t give you a great brand. Branding is something you do. We guide you and help you get there.