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Orange County, California is sometimes called “Biotech Beach,” and appropriately houses some of America’s leading medical device companies.  Strategies is one of the key medical marketing firms assisting them with more than 75 cumulative years experience in the medical healthcare communications marketplace among key personnel. Strategies regularly reaches physicians and surgeons of many specialties among other healthcare professionals. We understand and thrive on the time demands, regulatory and legal constraints, professional expectations and unique language of this demanding market segment.

High Technology

The vast technology market today embraces cloud computing, mobile computing, software, hardware, VoIP and more. At various times, Strategies has promoted all of them. From the earliest floppy disk drive manufacturer to the latest software platform, Strategies experts have put small companies on the map and significantly increased the mental real estate of the large ones. We’ve never met a multi-core processor or emerging market we didn’t love.


What sets our industrial market practice apart from our high-tech specialty are the demands and expectations of the audience. While we might be talking about software and instrumentation to pulp and paper manufacturers as much as to telecommunications CIOS, the language, training, environment and attitude are worlds apart. And we understand both worlds. It’s not every agency that can get excited about the newest innovations in wastewater management or temperature control in processing plants, but if that’s your story, you’ve come to the right place.  Some of our professionals have worked in the industrial/manufacturing arena for more than 30 years.


While Strategies is founded in strong business-to-business marketing principles, our web marketing and social media experience has certainly blurred the lines between B2B and B2C communication for our clients.   Blogging, tweeting, and status updates on Facebook and LinkedIn are a regular part of client service for both our B2B and B2C clients. Strategies regularly talks to television, radio and consumer print media, and our marcom specialists feel quite comfortable recommending all the tactics used in this ever-changing world of technology.