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As a brand-focused agency, Strategies is structured to allow principals and key personnel to be involved in every account. Among these personnel are:

Tara Stoutenborough, Principal

Tara brings over 30 years of experience in corporate and product communications with an emphasis in highly technical products and services. Problem-solver, big-picture person, endlessly creative, branding queen. Copywriter extraordinaire, Tara doesn’t know the meaning of writer’s block. Dynamic, to-the-point, gets to the heart of the matter.  A real talent for translating vague ideas into targeted concepts. Tara not only thinks outside the box, her world is outside the box. A great conversationalist and people person, she has a great respect and appreciation for others.


Linda White, Principal

Linda has over 25 years experience in marketing communications, client service par excellence. Specializing in account management and planning, Linda has helped put a variety of national and international companies on the map. With a never-say-die personality, she’s highly competitive, loves a challenge, looks at situations from all angles, is a problem-solver and strategist.  A born leader, she instills excellence and the values of creative and production quality. Wearing her project management hat, Linda easily switches gears midstream and adjusts communication to fit the styles of those around her. Eagle-eyed, master negotiator, judicious about the bottom line, Linda is a real go-getter, overachiever and supermom.


Deborah Jones, Vice President

If you missed her, that blur that just whizzed down the hall was Deborah, our vice president. If you want to keep up with her, take a deep breath and hang on! She’s passionate about client service, not leaving until every editorial opportunity is determined and pursued. While she has a sweet and engaging disposition, she also has a reputation for landing stories and much sought-after interviews and displays tenacity and fearlessness in pitching media. Even with her determined work ethic and dedication to her clients, Deborah finds time to relax with her husband and two boys.



Lindsay Thompson, Senior Account Executive

LindsayCroppedWith 15 years in the business, Lindsay is a real go-getter with a reputation for running with projects and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Described as the bulldog with a sweet smile, Lindsay’s tough, no-nonsense attitude is a true asset to the agency. Whether working with the media, running a social media campaign or overseeing a production project – Lindsay always brings a determined focus on the client’s needs, a strategic perspective, an incredible eye for detail, and hardcore organizational skills.



Rich Cook, Senior Art Director

Unless you’re a pressman, there is no one you’d rather have on a press check than Rich. His precision and exacting quality standards are unsurpassable. He demands perfection and if it’s not perfect, prepare to duck! He is passionate about design, and, rare among art directors, he also has a firm grasp of each project’s “big picture.” He has been known to question a position or strategy and will consider the overall plan to ensure the client’s needs are met through the integration of design, copy and strategy. Rich’s specialty is in art direction of advertising materials including ads, direct mail (email and snail), brochures, trade show graphics and logo design. Rich has an engaging personality and inquisitive nature and is our resident authority on political issues. He enjoys the History Channel, is an avid talk radio listener, and when he listens to music, he prefers Jimi Hendrix.


Oscar Wright, Senior Art Director

Whether designing a new brochure, photographing a sunset or surfing, Oscar is an artist. After working with Oscar for years as a client when he headed design for Odetics, Strategies waited him out while he created advertising and trade show support for CRN Magazine and then finally got to make him a Strategist. Clients know that Oscar not only does beautiful design, he also has a nontemperamental, easy-to-get-along-with personality that makes him a rare species in an art department. With extensive experience in high-tech and medical design, Oscar never met a widget that bores him. A product of 15 different schools before he got his BFA (thanks to a civil service dad), Oscar is a flexible — and VERY creative guy.



Kathryn Thompson, Controller

No one gets more excited about numbers. When her debits match her credits, you’ll actually hear her cheer out loud. She loves accounting because if done correctly, everything balances perfectly. You can say this about her life as well because she always maintains a good balance between her personal and professional life. To see her with her children is a wonderful sight because she takes complete delight in everything they do. Whether she is making collection calls or dealing with vendors about their bills, Kathryn has a tremendous ability to deal effectively with people because of her warmth and the gracious way in which she carries herself. The sweetness of her voice and the consistency of her attitude produce results while treating everyone with the utmost respect. She serves as business adviser to the agency, tries to curb any wild shopping sprees the principals might go on and keeps the bottom line right where it should be.